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Brand Manual - NRG2Peers


So you’re going to work with the visual identity of NRG2Peers?

On this page you will find the complete explanation and all elements that you’d need for making a NRG2Peers media product. 

If you have a question please contact the administrator of NRG2Peers at [email protected]

It’s important that you follow the elements that are provided on this page. Always check if they align, and if not please contact us. 

NRG2Peers is a high value project and the brand has to reflect that. A consistant brand makes for a positive brand.

Logo styling and usage

Full Logo

The NRG2Peers logo is made up out of two elements.

1. The image is connected by dot elements that embody the underlying elements of the NRG2Peers community. It binds multiple elements to each other and connects it through lines.

2. The text is always stacked on top of each other. The upper part has a blue colour (#1656a2) and the bottom part is a green colour (#1db8a7).

Download the full logo 

Image Logo

The image of the logo is only used on elements that can’t show the full logo due to width, height, or readability. Always use the full logo if possible and only use the image logo when there is no other option. When in doubt, please contact the administrator.

Download the image logo 

Colour styling and usage

HEX        #1656a2

RGB        22-86-162

CMYK     95-73-3-0

HEX        #1db8a7

RGB        29-184-167

CMYK     95-73-3-0

The gradient uses the 2 base colours on a 135° gradient from 0% to 100%.

Photography usage

Photography usage

All photography has to use a combination between energy related elements and city/community related elements. 

Illustration usage

Illustration usage

All illustrations are derived from the main animation. They are applicable to any element that needs an illustration to emphasis.

All illustrations are downloadable by clicking on them. It’s possible to download all files simultaneously through this link

Typography usage

Main Title 

Second Title


Main Title

The main titles uses Montserrat 50px with colour #1656a2 as main font. It’s available here

Second Title

The second titles uses Montserrat 26px with colour #000 as main font. It’s available here


The paragraphs use Montserrat 16px with colour #000 as main font. It’s available here