Competence centre

The NRG2peer Competence Center will be strategic initiative to answer the need for a central (digital and physical) platform where (associations of) consumers/residents, home-owners (represented by UIPI), regulators, (private, cooperative and publicly owned) housing providers, energy providers, external experts, and other stakeholders can find and exchange information regarding the next generation of energy communities.

The NRG2peer Competence Centre will be based in Brussels at the Housing Europe office, and managed together with UIPI. It will facilitate exchanges about local energy communities in general and how the NRG2peers tools can be used in that context. In many EU MS policy makers, local authorities, regulators (i.e. policy makers, law makers, and other public authorities involved in policy makers) and other professionals are confronted with similar questions on how the implementation of peer-to-peer energy communities can be successfully supported by using the developed NRG2peers methodology.

The NRG2peers Competence Center activities will allow to include key experts responsible for the development and validation of the peer-to-peer energy concepts, focusing on late adopters and laggard pilot communities, as present in the Italian ecosystems.