The main aim of NRG2peers is to support the uptake of a next generation of European peer-to-peer Energy Communities. NRG2peers sets up a gamified platform, supporting residential energy communities, to increase energy efficiency and to integrate a higher share of renewable energy. How we will do this?

We have the following five measurable objectives:

Stimulating and enabling the co-creation, strengthening and widespread implementation of the new generation of peer-to-peer energy communities the EU.

Enhancing the new peer-to-peer energy communities to be more attractive, practical, reliable, understandable and desirable by a holistic and user-centred approach.

Making the new energy communities easily accessible for minimum 10.000 residential customers and a wide range of stakeholders

Demonstrate that collectively organized peer-to-peer energy-related actions are financially viable and attractive at the community level, by testing the NRG2peers approach and evaluating outcomes of ongoing, complementary P2P / energy trading projects with the consumer members and relevant regional stakeholders of the Pilot Communities.

To foster the EU-wide uptake of peer-to-peer energy communities by motivating and activating EU interest groups and national certifying and standardization bodies

Advisory board

NRG2peers will establish a Project Advisory Board (PAB) to advise and steer the project from the market. This board has an advising task to the project, to the relevance, quality and usefulness of developed methodologies for the implementation of the set of EPB standards and NA’s and the relevance for the market and exploitation output of the total project. The Project Advisory Board has the task to act as liaison to the relevant target groups and market sector, in terms of relevance of the project, quality of results and for relevant input and suggestions from relevant target groups and potential markets sectors.