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Why Copy - NRG2Peers


“ I want Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050. To make this happen, we must take bold steps together. Our current goal of reducing our emissions by 40% by 2030 is not enough []. It means change. All of us and every sector will have to contribute, [] to the way each and every one of us travels and lives. Emissions must have a price that changes our behavior.  This is the European way: [] we leave nobody behind. And we offer perspectives. ”

– Opening Statement in the European Parliament Plenary Session by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission 

Ursula’s speech was our inspiration for NRG2peers! We want to contribute to this change!

Imagine you could buy clean and renewable energy to heat and power your home, from your neighbours, using your phone, exactly the same way you order food from Deliveroo? We want to make this happen. The main aim of NRG2PEERS is therefore to support a next generation of European peer-to-peer Energy Communities.


There is still a need for clear guidance, education, and support with respect to the methodologies and current practices for the set-up and take-off of successful energy communities, both on a local and at the EU level.

Current practices clearly face several challenges. To meet these challenges, NRG2peers will set up a platform to gather knowledge, experiences and lessons learned from a set of recent H2020 and Lighthouse projects to ensure the next generation of energy communities to:


  •  Become more a) reliable; b) user-friendly and attractive; c) cost-effective for the customers; – Become more a) self-sufficient and b) interactive for the grid, resolving issues such as access the grid and grid reluctance for the customers on the network;
  • Be compliant with EU and MS legislations in order to instil trust in the market and incite investments in energy efficient buildings;
  • Offer support in decision making, especially on adoption of RES, better purchases and guiding building users towards more sustainable behaviour patterns;
  • Increasingly reflect the smart dimension of the community;