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Newsletter 1 - NRG2Peers

NRG2peers Newsletter 1 – 21 December 2021


The social and cultural aspects of energy, its generation, storage, use, sale or sharing, are particularly relevant in the scope of energy communities. The latter encompass elements of cooperation, resource sharing, individuals’ and communities’ ability to organise, act and engage actively in the energy markets, and bring specific forms of social organisation. That is why in NRG2peers we are integrating ethnography-inspired research into the project research and development process. Following the development and testing of methodology, NRG2peers partners are currently undertaking qualitative research in all pilot energy communities, their local and national ecosystems in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Slovenia. By engaging with the residents and the key energy community stakeholders, ranging from the DSOs, energy providers, housing associations, to governance and policy-makers, the aim of our research is to gather their feedback on the design and implementation process of NRG2peers energy communities. The identified perceptions, practices, drivers and barriers will support our efforts in defining the key features of the next-generation of user-centred P2P energy communities. Stay tuned for our key findings!


third consortium meeting

On 23 and 24 September we had our third consortium meeting at Schoonschip in Amsterdam. Two days with meetings and working sessions. It was great to have so much people attending in-person and to feel the energy again. Thanks to everyone!


Speaking of our consortium meeting last month, the location was “Het Ruim”, a community space on Schoonschip. Schoonschip is a floating neighbourhood in Amsterdam. The neighbourhood consists of homes for 46 households on 30 floating plots. The most important goal of the Schoonschip initiative is to become a true catalyst for the Dutch and global transition towards a circular economy. All houses are connected to a smartgrid. This grid enables them to exchange electricity in a smart way.

 On the second day of our consortium meeting, the residents of Schoonschip gave us a tour of their beautiful houses. The participants were very interested and amazed by the innovations taking place!

interested in other energy communities?

Take a look at Housing Evolutions’s Energy Communities Hub for great examples of success stories in European countries, interesting articles and to take part in discussions.

Click here to see success stories in European countries

Leveling the playing field for energy communities

The primary challenge of the energy transition isn’t technological. Arguably, it isn’t even economic. Instead, it’s institutional. The reorganisation required to ditch fossil fuels and incorporate renewable resources reaches deep into the devilish details of how our societies operate.

I want to give you a glimpse of that complexity, by examining the EU’s attempts to empower communities, allowing citizens to take the improvement of their energy provisioning partly into their own hands and take part in the great transition towards a green grid.

Read Marten Boekelo’s full article at Housing Evolutions


We were happy to be part of the final conference of eTEACHER project on June 30th 2021. Our coordinator Simona D’Oca presented both TripleA-reno and NRG2peers.

Are you interested in energy-efficient strategies to improve the behaviour of energy users? Then this eTEACHER final conference, this webinar is for you. Improving energy behaviour is possible, easy and beneficial thanks to ICT.

Curious? You can still watch the conference via eTEACHER.


the readiness level indicator

NRG2peers has also developed a framework so that Energy Communities can assess how prepared they are in each of the dimensions to become local energy communities with peer-to-peer exchange. It allows you to identify in which areas more work is needed and it will be easier to mobilize investments or make legislative proposals to strengthen the transition. The digital application will be available in the next 6 months!

Fit for 55 climate package

Emil Martini of the International Union of Property Owners explained during the consortium meeting that on 14 July, the European Commission published the first batch of the ‘Fit for 55’ Climate Package, one of the key steps in delivering the European Green Deal. His presentation was mainly focused on an overview of the main novelties of the revision of the RED, EED, ETS and ESR.

From both the analysis of this legislation and the short discussion that followed, it emerged that the current revisions do not plan to change provisions on energy communities as the current rules are still being implemented in the Member States and the Commission has started non-legislative actions to foster the roll-out of energy communities according to the current legislation. Therefore, the first objective in the short term should be to make sure that MS fully transpose the actual provisions of the directives, especially RED.