Alginet Community

Alginet is a town located 20 km from Valencia in the east of Spain. Alginet’s distribution energy network is fully owned by the inhabitants of the town through the Cooperative Group, Cooperativa Eléctrica d’Alginet. The cooperative was born in 1931 when a group of people and industry owners in the town decided to create a cooperative to bring the electricity to the area, as the main energy companies where not interested in making the necessary investments at that time. Since then, the cooperative has been building, maintaining and controlling the energy network. Today the cooperative group owns both the local DSO and the retailer. The energy network has about 5700 end user points, all of them equipped with smart meters. The cooperative can be considered as an energy community itself. This energy community will be one of the pilot sites of NRG2peers project. Through the project, ADEE, the local DSO and its associated retailer will foster the uptake of new energy solutions for the Alginet cooperative associates and to involve residential communities owners in the project