Into the Woods Community

On the southern edge of Amersfoort (the Netherlands) a new area development will transform what is currently a horse riding school into 51 houses surrounded by a forest-rich area close to an important highway junction. The project is characterised by ambitious circularity goals, as it aims to become a role model for circular urban area development. A major aspect of this circular development is the realisation of a community smart grid, featuring a battery storage system, a large share of solar PV, electric vehicles and corresponding charging points. All these technologies will be integrated and locally controlled using an energy management system. This EMS will be connected to Spectral’s Energy Exchange (SPEX) platform, which will enable local peer-to-peer energy trading, wholesale market participation, and dynamic energy tariffs. Into the Woods is setting up a local energy cooperative consisting of future residents in order to manage the future energy-related activities, and to contribute their input / feedback to the development of the NRG2Peers platform and methodologies.