Luce Community

The Slovenian ethnography only demo Luče represent a case of rural network with weak electrical connection with high scalability and replicability in alpine and rural areas. Luče will have a high share of RES and a diverse mix of systems: PV, wind turbine, biomass, charging station for electric vehicles. The demo site is currently experiencing issues with reliability of supply.  The technological ambition of COMPILE is strongly related to the novel ways of using and integrating existing and emerging technologies as well as control and management of the local networks. The smart integration of EV and the interface between electricity and heat in energy islands will be of importance. Prediction systems to optimize the control of energy islands will be uses. New control strategies will create opportunities by flexibilities that can be sold on markets. Aim is to demonstrate the energy community potential also from economic point of view, that could be then replicated in all the markets in which they are present.