Schoonschip Community

Schoonschip, a floating residential neighborhood of 46 households located in Amsterdam North, is among the most sustainable residential developments in Europe. The project aims to re-envision the way we approach urban development, setting a new standard for resource management, sustainable building design, community governance, and closing nutrient cycles. Spectral was responsible for leading the implementation of an advanced smart grid at Schoonschip. The Schoonschip community was awarded an experimental legal exemption (“Experimenteerregeling”) which allowed them to develop their own private microgrid with only one central grid connection. Each house is equipped with local PV production, battery storage, solar collectors, thermal storage, a smart heat pump, and other smart-grid ready appliances. Connected to the smart-grid systems, a “Smart Community Platform” was implemented to empower the community to manage their own local energy exchange and administration activities. Both Spectral and the Schoonschip Pioneer Vessel are members of the NRG2Peers consortium, hoping to bring their first-hand experiences and lessons learned to support the development objectives and replication efforts of the NRG2Peers project.