Woerden Community

All houses in the Woerden community are equipped with PV panels, where four of them are connected to home batteries, and in addition there is one large district battery. The Woerden site is owned by the Social Housing Association of Woerden, and is exploited/serviced by BAM, the biggest building corporation in the Netherlands. Under the GDPR legislation BAM is acting as a data-owner on behalf of the inhabitants and the housing corporation. The site was also used for flexibility research under the REnnovates EU H2020 project the monitoring equipment is already on site and historical data on energy usage, production and storage is available from May 2018. Currently, the site is steered under the Drive EU H2020 project with foreseen end of activities in Q4 of 2020. Due to the nature of this district being a low-income social-housing community, the community-based support mechanism of NRG2peers are expected to result in high participation rate and have high positive impact on the residents. Moreover, the gamification features of NRG2peers will serve as an additional strong motivator and thus their effectiveness will be thoroughly tested.