Alginet Distribucion Energia Electrica Sociedad Limitada

Alginet Distribución Energia Eléctrica is a local DSO located in the area of Alginet, the entity is part of the Group Cooperativa Elèctrica d’Alginet (Alginet’s Electric Cooperative Group) and its sole and only shareholder is the Cooperative.

The DSO supplies electricity to more than 5700 supply points by means of more than 40 MV/LV transformation centres, with an installed power of 18,000 kW. The company has also finalized a major project in 2014; the installation of a new electrical substation, enabling the capture of energy in a higher voltage level (132 000 V.) for further processing. The substation is of exclusive use of the cooperative DSO. With the construction of the new facility, the electric cooperative of Alginet has been the first cooperative that manages a substation in property in Spain.

Additionally, a pioneer system of smart metering was implemented in the Alginet’s DSO in 2008. Since then, all the end users of the Alginet network are equipped with a smart meters at their end user points. This allows the DSO not only to measure the user’s consumption remotely, but also to manage and control the whole grid in a smart and efficient way. This smart metering system allows the retailer of the cooperative group (Suministros Especiales Alginetenses) to provide a detailed invoice to the end users, providing information about the amount of energy used per day, based on real measurements, and the mean hourly distribution of the energy consumption.

ADE will run one of the project pilot test sites for the demonstration, validation, assessment and promotion of the results developed within the project. Specifically, the project results will be tested in real conditions in Alginet, a town near Valencia (Spain) with 13 000 inhabitants, where the electricity distribution and supply are managed locally by the electric cooperative and its DSO, Alginet Distribución Energía Eléctrica.


    Company Details


    Calle del Poeta Juan Alegre, 7
    46230 Alginet (Valencia)


    José Vicente ORTUÑO SOLER

    General Manager in Alginet Distribución Energía Eléctrica

    Vicente received a High degree in electronics and computer sciences from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Vicente also holds a Master’s degree in cooperatives managing at the University of Florida (Valencia) and a MBA Executive by the Valencia’s Chamber of Commerce. Vicente has been working in the Electrical cooperative of Alginet from 1979, first in the administration department and currently as general manager.


    Innovation and Project Manager

    Alma is a Telecommunication Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and holds a Master’s degree in corporate processes planification and management by the University of Valencia. She has long experience in project management, having worked previously as project manager and coordinator in ETRA I+D and has participated as External Evaluator for the EU since 2014. Alma has also worked in the research and development areas of other companies such as Telefonica I+D, Ralco and Siemens. She’s been working at Alginet Distribución Energía Eléctrica since 2014, and she is in charge of the R&D project department  in the company.

    Rafael ALEMANY BIVIA is the Technical manager of the company. Rafael is Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). As previous experiences he has worked as engineer in several companies such as ICESSA and MERLIN GERIN and currently he is in charge of the management, control and maintenance of the DSO’s network since 2001.