Dune Works

Dune Works (2010) is a research and advice SME with a long-standing experience and expertise in sociotechnical sustainability transitions in the areas of energy and the built environment. We perform (action)research, translate knowledge into actionable advice, into strategies or strategic advice (e.g. behavioural change; policy making; business modelling). We develop intervention approaches to improve user and citizen engagement and to encourage behavioural change; develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks to support efforts towards a more sustainable and just energy future and support participatory, dialogue and co-creation multi-stakeholder processes.  We combine a diverse range of social-disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. innovation/transition studies; urban planning; geography; anthropology; policy studies) and methods (e.g. from anthropology, design thinking and policy analysis). DuneWorks often works in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary settings.


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Ruysdaelhof 7c
5642 JM Eindhoven


Sylvia Breukers

Partner and senior researcher/advisor

The social dimension of transitions is central to Sylvia’s work. How are citizens and end-users involved in sustainability processes? How does the institutional context influence the possibilities of participation? What are the different experiences, needs, perspectives in relation to what is necessary and desirable? Based on practice-oriented social science research, in cooperation with various stakeholders and disciplines, she is committed to inclusive and equitable transition processes.
Currently, themes that stand out strongly are energy communities, the design of and participation in smart grids and new flexibility arrangements, environmental justice, energy poverty, the transition way from natural gas, as well as processes aimed at nature-based solutions for urban climate adaptation.

Sylvia holds a PhD degree in Geography and Planning and a Master’s Degree in Political Science (International Relations & Development).


Marten Boekelo


Marten is a political anthropologist with a particular interest in questions of citizenship. Energy citizenship comes to the fore in wide range of everyday and extraordinary sites: from how people engage with devices and machines in and around the house, which can both confirm and frustrate their imagined relationship to the world, to the opportunities they get to reflect and decide about how energy is provided, whether it’s in their town or country. A key question for successful transitions: through which engagements do people get the sense they are able to shape their future?

Marten holds a PhD degree in Anthropology and Master’s Degrees in Philosophy, Anthropology and Social Sciences.


Razia Jaggoe

Junior Researcher

Razia works as a transition anthropologist. She is passionate about engaging different worlds of experience in change-oriented processes. Where do climate-conscious ideals overlap or conflict with existing and imagined lifestyles – and how do we get a grip on such frictions and synergies?

Razia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Developmental Sociology and, as of September 2021, is working towards a Master’s Degree in Applied Anthropology.