Company Details


Elettrica Valeri S.r.l. is a private company founded in 1974 which acts in lightening and HVAC systems, enouncing energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. The company acts as an energy planner as well as provider of lighting and HVAC components and installer company. It is involved in several scientific research projects, mainly focused on innovative technologies and systems that aim at improving human thermal comfort and well-being in general of the end-users, taking into account energy saving and circular economy principles and applying social awareness triggering action.

Within a national research and development program, it is promoter of a research fellowship that intend to educate people about energy savings by sharing environmental and energy profiles in order to save 40% of the electricity and thermal energy demand from building sector.

Its customers embrace both national and international privates and publics and include residential and industrial projects. Its team includes designers, technicians and consultants. Elettrica Valeri started cooperating with UNIPG several years ago, and at the moment they manage two national projects in this field and one EU proposal. They are responsible for data management and smart domotics in buildings, with office and residential use.





Paolo Valeri 

Technical manager

He will manage the operational progress of the platform implementation in the case study. His background is construction field management, lighting systems and HVAC experience.

Luca Valeri 

Commercial manager

He will manage the commercial operation of the pilot and the contract with occupants and users in order to better engage them into the platform.

Benedetta Pioppi 

R&D consultant of the company, civil engineer and PhD scholar in energy and sustainable development, previously visiting scholar at at CUNY University (NYC, USA).

Investigating human centered design solutions for building energy efficiency, indoor-outdoor comfort, microclimate change and urban resilience. She is the responsible person at the company for managing research projects and developments into the company, mostly coming from cooperation with universities and research institutions at national and international levels. She contributed to H2020 projects within the framework of the cooperation with UNIPG, such as ZERO-PLUS and SWS HEATING.

Roberto Pugnali

He is the responsible for the overall administrative process of both National and International projects. He started cooperating with the company more than 10 years ago and now he coordinates the whole financial management.