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Geckotech assists innovative organisations with the implementation of their novel IT ideas.

We take an agile approach to software development, focusing on early release and continuous development & improvement. Our services span the entire software development cycle, from initial requirements analysis and planning with the client to design, execution, testing, release and maintenance. Target environments include web applications and cross-platform mobile applications (Android and iOS).


Company Details


Randstad 22 – 119
1316 BW, Almere
The Netherlands



Ernst Nolte (M)


Ernst completed his Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch. For the past 20 years he has worked as a software developer and tech lead in several teams spanning telecoms, finance, clinical research and several startups. In 2011, he founded Geckotech, a software company specialising in custom software solutions for the hi-tech start-up sector.

Matthijs Bierman (M)


Matthijs completed a Master’s degree in ICT in Business at the University of Leiden. After seven years of working  as a Java software developer, he joined Geckotech early on in 2012, and is currently the CTO. He ensures the solutions are secure, performant and maintainable. Matthijs has experience with complex integrations, developing gamified experiences and was closely involved in the creation and further development of the BuildUpSkills Advisor app.

Willem Riksen (M)

Manager of Operations & Product Manager

Willem Riksen has a Master degree in Policy, Communication and Organisation at The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After working in the hospitality and sales he joined Geckotech in 2019 as the Manager of Operations. He acts as a Product Manager for several products, improves internal processes and is responsible for the ISO 27001 certification as a Security Officer.