i.LECO stands for innovative and intelligent Local Energy COmmunities. As a baseline the i.LECO core platform (i.EcoSCADA) is a robust agent-based system enabling various energy-related services with unlimited scalability. The core of all the products is a hardware-agnostic software-as-a-service middleware platform. i.LECO uses this cloud-based platform i.EcoSCADA to focus on three elements within the intelligent micro-grid space: advise, building/mobility services and aggregated services.


Company Details


Kleinhoefstraat 6

2440 Geel



Mihail Mihaylov 

Blockchain Architect

He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence with over 10 years of research experience in decentralized systems within both private and public organizations. Mihail has been involved in Blockchain technology since 2011, giving lectures and invited talks on this subject to international audiences worldwide. His work has been featured in academic journals and popular science magazines alike.

Stefan Lodeweyckx 

CEO and co-founder

His experience ranges from technical (software, hardware, networking, energy) to management, commercial and innovation in various companies and on international level. He started i.LECO due to his desire to support the world to become more sustainable from an energy point of view.

Frans Bellinkx

Full-stack developer

Frans is experienced in a variety of front end and back end technologies (C#, .NET Code, ASP.NET, jQuery, AngularJS and JavaScript). For many years manages people as a scrum master and project manager. His focus areas are energy related projects, financial reporting solutions and mathematical modelling of business processes.

Dani Abia

Product developer

Dani is a product manager with wide experience in management of Energy related Applications. He participated in the creation and operation of a SaaS EMS (Energy Management System) for 5 years and he is now co-responsible of defining the product roadmap and sprint planning for the i.LECO/aug-e Energy Community Platform. He has participated in several H2020 projects.

Annelies Vroman

Senior data scientist

Annelies is Phd. in science applied mathematics and she has focused her career on data science related projects. She is currently the responsible of the data science group in i.LECO/aug-e, combining Physics and Mathematics to optimise the energy consumption. Based on forecasts, the optimal plan is made to reduce energy cost, consumption, and CO2.

Shamrun Karimov

Research and development Engineer

Experienced Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Skilled in Python, R, Php (Programming Languages), Data Science and Machine Learning. Strong research professional with a Master’s degree focused on Computer Science from Sapienza Università di Roma.