The Politecnico di Milano is a state scientific-technological university established in 1863 which trains engineers, architects and industrial designers.  Education is at Bachelor, Master, and PhD level. Currently more than 1,300 professors and researchers work at University and 42,822 students study in 7 different campuses. The Politecnico is one of the leading Italian research centres characterized by the combination of theoretical bases of excellence and first-rate research infrastructures providing the possibility of wide variety of experimental research. It is organized in 12 Departments including all main areas of engineering, architecture and industrial design.


The Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano, is leading several research projects focused on technologies relating to the production, conversion, transport and use of energy, in terms of a complete social and environmental sustainability. Thanks to the range of skills offered by the Department of Energy, the Politecnico di Milano can boast one of the most influential structures in Italy: a reference point for its high teaching level, a primary research partner, an active partner of enterprises, bodies and institutions, both nationally and internationally.


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prof. Francesco Causone 

Associate professor, Department of Energy

Francesco Causone is an Associate Professor, lecturing Building Physics at the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering of Politecnico di Milano. He holds a master degree in Architecture, a PhD in Technical Innovation for the Built Environment and he is a LEED AP. He was awarded the REHVA young scientist award 2012. Prof. Causone has gained world-class industry experience as a Sustainability Researcher at Foster + Partners in London, where he worked on the design and performance assessment of major headquarter buildings in Cupertino and London. He is partner of several European, Italian and Regional research projects focussed on the development of energy and housing services in Smart Cities and Communities. He has been PI of a 3-years project on the monitoring and analysis of energy performance of a zero-energy building in the Mediterranean climate and he is currently PI of a 2-years project focused on the measurement and assessment of outdoor comfort and mean radiant temperature (both funded by the National Energy Agency of Italy ENEA). From 2007 to 2010 he coordinated an integrated design team, for the design of a multi-functional sustainable centre in Italy and he won, in 2018, as environmental expert of the Co-Inventing Doria team, the international call Reinventing Cities promoted by C40, designing a carbon neutral hostel in Milan. He is author of more than 60 scientific publications and part of the Editorial Board of the international journal “Energies” as Topic Editor, and member of the Editorial Board of Sustainable Design and Construction (specialty section of Frontiers in Built Environment) as a Review Editor. His expertise includes energy and indoor environmental quality assessment in the built environment, and buildings sustainable design. He has been visiting professor at Paris EST, teaching a PhD course about indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort assessment in buildings, and visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge, working on adaptive façades. He served as Scientific Director for the congress AEDIFICA, held in Vicenza in the 2019.


Eng. Anita Tatti 

Building Engineer, Research Fellow, Department of Energy

Anita Tatti holds a master degree in Building Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and she has been a trainee at ESTP Paris – École Spéciale des Travaux Publics, du bâtiment et de l’industrie, Paris (France). Since 2017 she is a grant researcher at the Department of Energy working on different research projects: Sharing Cities (H2020), Merlata Smart Grid (POR-FESR), NRG2peers (H2020), PolimiparaRocinha (Polisocial Award), the monitoring and analysis of energy performance of a zero-energy building in the Mediterranean climate, and the assessment of outdoor comfort through an experimental apparatus. She participated, under the coordination of prof. Francesco Causone, to the design of a carbon neutral hostel in Milan for the international Reinventing cities’ competition, promoted by C40, as a member of the winning team Co-Inventing Doria for Viale Doria site.


Eng. Martina Ferrando 

Building Engineer, PhD Candidate, Department of Energy

Martina Ferrando holds a master degree in Building Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and she has been a trainee at the Technical University of Norway (NTNU), Trondheim. She has been a grant researcher at the Department of Energy, working on data-mining, machine learning and building energy simulation. She is currently a PhD student at the Department of Energy carrying on a project on Urban Building Energy Modelling. The project involves the improvement of current modelling tools for urban-scale energy simulations and their applications in the Italian context. Meanwhile, she has been an affiliate at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, working with the developers’ team of one of the main urban building energy modelling tools.


Eng. Sibilla Ferroni

Building Engineer, Research Fellow, Department of Energy

Sibilla Ferroni holds a master degree in Building Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. She has been a trainee at the Architecture Computation Technology Lab in Milan and guest student at the Technical University in Munich. She has a mixed background, both architectural and engineering, in the field of sustainable energy and climate responsive design. She won the Copernicus Hackaton 2020 in Vicenza, developing an online platform crosslinking outdoor comfort indicators with satellite data. Now she is grant researcher at the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano, working on the project NRG2peers (H2020) and, since 2020, collaborating as Energy Specialist with the consulting group GET-consulting.