Spectral Enterprise B.V.

Spectral is an Amsterdam-based, end-to-end system integrator specialized in developing and implementing software and hardware solutions focused on smart energy applications.

Spectral develops turn-key products and services for smart-grids, energy management, energy trading, and energy storage, working closely with key stakeholders, including utility companies, energy communities, and real-estate owners to tackle complex challenges and realize pioneering projects. A key goal for Spectral is to support the adoption and upscaling of energy communities through development of disruptive technologies which facilitate local peer-to-peer trading and other community services. Spectral’s international team consists of business leaders and experts in the fields of electrical and power engineering, software development, embedded systems, data science, and mechanical engineering. After undergoing rapid growth since its incorporation in 2015, Spectral is ready to take the next leap forward on its mission to accelerate the transition towards 100% renewable, clean energy supply.


Company Details


Kropaarstraat 12
1032 LA Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Philip Gladek


A self-taught, systems engineer with a degree in business administration (University of Southern California). Philip is currently a board member and one of the co-founders of Metabolic (founded 2012), a successful sustainability consultancy and venture building organization. In 2015, Philip founded Spectral as a spin-off of Metabolic where he is currently acting as CEO / CTO. His professional career has been focused on developing projects and products in the fields of clean-technology, integrated resource systems, and smart energy solutions. Philip is currently leading Spectral’s technical activities for product R&D, including the development of the Spectral Energy Exchange (SPEX), and Spectral’s Smart Community Platform, two of Spectral’s products which facilitate energy trading and administration for energy communities. Furthermore, Philip has helped initiate and realize a number of globally visible energy community projects such as Schoonschip and De Ceuvel (located in Amsterdam), being responsible for the engineering of the smart-grid systems as well as supporting development of the required governance, legal, and financial plans to realize the projects.

Stephen Donnelly


An Oxford-educated engineer with more than 20 years’ experience of technology deployments within multiple roles including software development, process consultancy and project management. Stephen’s experience includes high-tech, non-profit and energy sectors, working in multicultural teams within multinational organisations. Immediately prior to joining Spectral, he held the position of Senior Business Intelligence Officer at the European Commission’s Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER). Stephen joined Spectral’s management team at the start of 2018 in the role of CIO, leading the software division at Spectral and providing strategic direction for their ongoing software development activities geared towards facilitating the energy transition. On a daily basis, his role chiefly involves programme / project management of all the ongoing software implementations at Spectral.

Gerard Boor

Lead Software Developer

A full-stack veteran of 15 years with significant experience in software and hardware architecture, design and implementation as well as setting up and managing clusters and infrastructure for large-scale projects. Gerard holds degrees in both computer science and mathematics and has worked on numerous optimized implementations of complex mathematical algorithms. Gerard joined Spectral in 2015 and has led the development of a number of Spectral’s software platforms, including SPEX, a blockchain-enabled energy trading platform. Furthermore, he is responsible for software architecture development and managing the devops side of Spectral’s software product deployments. As lead developer within Spectral, Gerard has designed and implemented a number of firmwares, platforms and services to facilitate broad-ranging functionality within the energy market.

Job Swens 

Energy Law Specialist

A renewable energy concept developer with a focus on community-initiated projects. With an experience of over 20 years in renewable energy in fields ranging from product development (at Stork Marine Solair) to support scheme design (at the Dutch ministry of economic affairs), Job now focuses on the development of new technical, legal and financial concepts to accelerate the implementation of distributed renewable energy generation systems. In doing so he supports energy communities (of both citizens and companies), municipalities and regional authorities. Job studied physics at the Delft University of Technology and recently specilised in energy law at the legal depoartment of the Groningen University. Momentarily most of his work involves the development of legal solutions for local energy communities, based on the recently adopted EU legislation. As such he is involved in several European networks including BRIDGE and the SET Plan’s – ETIP SNET (Smart Networks for Energy Transition) Platform.