Stichting Pioneer Vessel Schoonschip

Schoonschip is a bottom-up community initiative in Amsterdam with the aim to become the most sustainable floating neighbourhood of Europe. The neighbourhood consists of homes for 46 households and a community center on 30 floating plots. The most important goal of the Schoonschip initiative is to become a true catalyst for the Dutch and global transition towards a circular economy. Schoonschip aims to achieve this objective by demonstrating new social and economic models, scalable technologies, and by re-envisioning the way it approaches urban development. As part of the original vision for the “Cleantech Playground,” Schoonschip aims to become a living lab development which needs to happen on the side of (clean) technologies and new (scalable) market where breakthrough innovations and circular economy principles can be validated for scaling up.


Company Details


Nikolaas Rammelt

Member of the board of Stichting Pioneer Vessel.

Nikolaas studied Economics and International Law and worked for several NGO’s like Friends of The Earth Netherlands and HIVOS as an campaigner and coordinator  in the field of Climate and Renewables. He initiated public campaigns, lobby- and advocacy work towards governments and private sector organizations and developed renewable energy projects in collaboration with the private sector.

Peer de Rijk

Chairman of the board of Stichting Schoonschip

In this role he was responsible for activating the community to take responsibilities in working groups on several issues including the realisation of the smartgrid, including political lobbywork and negotiations with the City Council and the energy companies.Until recently Peer worked as director at WISE International, an NGO working on climate change and energy policies on a global scale. Based in the Netherlands WISE has been instrumental in lobby- and policywork on climate and energy policy of the Dutch Government, with a focus on necessary changes in energy policy to make it easier for citizens to become prosumers and engage as active citizens in policytaking to safe he climate.

Eelke Kingma

Active member in the Schoonschip community

Eelke is member of the Schoonschip workgroups ‘Smart Grid’ and ‘Sanitation Pilot’. He studied Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology and worked on Energy Management and decentralized energy production solutions at Europe’s leading energy utility Vattenfall.