NRG2peers is a 3-year European project funded under the Horizon2020 framework. We want to establish and run real local energy communities of peer-to-peer energy traders and share lessons in different European Member States. There is a need for clear guidance, education and support for the set-up and take-off of successful energy communities on both local and EU level.

The main aim of NRG2peers is therefore to support a next generation of European peer-to-peer Energy Communities. We want to support attractive financially legal and technical viable user-centred energy communities. How? We will do this by collecting experiences, providing smart demand-response mechanisms (to optimize energy consumption and peak demand at the community level) and motivating (via the NRG2PEERS platform) the maximal implementation and consumption of (local) renewable energy source production and consumption.

NRG2PEERS sets up a gamified platform supporting residential energy communities to increase energy efficiency and to integrate a higher share of renewable energy.